Definition: Aggregate is a collection of items that are gathered together to form a total quantity.

The fleeting moments of knowledge in which we discover our existence are facts that can be committed to memory. We can enlarge this aggregate memory and refashion it as we go through a lifetime. By saving these memories on paper and reconstructing the images of our lives. We see the art of our lives unfolding before us.

Face the brilliance of your most wonderful creations and dwell on your dreams.
I believe in teaching, the sharing of ideas and playfulness of creating.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

New Chrochet Project

I am staring my holiday making now. Eeek reall? Yes really-! I will be making several of these throws for some of my friends for the cold season. Wish me luck. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Friday, April 10, 2015

Drawing With The Crafter's Workshop Stencils

Hello Hello Hello.
Sarinda here with a watercolor journal entry using TCW Stencils. I enjoy using stencils to get my creative inspiration going. Be creative with the interior line work as well add some additional lines around the outside of each drawing for interest.
Using TCW2048 Maple Leaf Frags, TCW2044 Pods Fragments, TCW2043 Poppy Fragments. The line work was done with Copic Markers Multi Liner 0.3 Fine & 0.03 Really Fine.
Out line the stencils with the 0.03 Copic Pen. Then add in the inside line work and additional outside lines.
The thicker lines in the Poppy were made with the Copic pen 0.3.
Then just add color with watercolors of your choice. I like to go outside the lines and let the colors bleed together. The less perfect the better.
Happy Spring to you.
The Crafter's Workshop Design Team

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Jewelry: Mini Journal Necklace

Hello Creatives-
I have a jewelry project for you using Letter press Paper, TCW Stencil as an embossing plate to make a Mini Journal Necklace.
I used my Sig Shot machine from Sizzix and the black rubber pad to make a deeper embossing impression. Using thicker card stock or Letter Press paper will lend the best results. Do the suggested stack for the machine that you are using. 
New Winter Release 2015 stencil TCW2081
I cut out the section that I liked used Distress Ink pad to add some color. Then added additional sheets of paper to the center. Punched two holes on the top, threaded steel wire and made a loop on each side. 
String beads, crystals and chain from those loops to create the chain. I made this necklace long so that I did not have to worry about a clasp it just slips over your head.IMG_8766 IMG_8765
Hope this will spark some creative juices in your own studios.
The Crafter's Workshop Design Team Member